The Diamond Generation: The immigrant

The Queen at the beginning of her reign

With just four days to go before the Jubilee celebrations begin, here on ITV News we're charting the extraordinary changes during the Queen's reign through the stories of people born in 1952 - the year the Queen was crowned.

The start of Her Majesty's reign saw the first big wave of immigrants who came from the Commonwealth and former outposts of the Empire. Their arrival changed Britain forever.

Lewis Vaughan Jones has been speaking to Winnie Hylton who arrived from the West Indies in 1962.

Winnie was just ten years old when she arrived in Britain, she told lewis her first memory of her new home:

I was very excited and it was very cold!

Four years before the Queen came to the throne the Empire Windrush arrived, with people migrating to Britain, it marked the start of a population change that has continued ever since.

Diamond Generation: Winnie Hylton

In the early years of the Queen's reign just 4% were born oversees but as part of the Jubilee celebrations this year the Queen visited Leicester - a city where ethnic minorities are about to become the majority.

But the bringing together of people from around the world has not always gone smoothly and Winnie remembers the riots in Brixton in 1981:

I believe that it was a boiling pot that just exploded. It wasn't very nice to see people burning and breaking in to the shops, but on the other hand there was justifiable reasons why the young men were angry.

Brixton riots 1981

Winnie spoke about the respect she has had for the Queen:

The way she's lead the Commonwealth, she's just so gracious, I look at her and I think 'wow'.

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