George Osborne's U-turn on charities tax

Lucy Manning

Former UK Editor

Osborne says the Government needs to focus on deficit and growth Credit: REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

This is another big Budget U-turn, this time on the charities tax.

The big row over charities being hit with people having their tax relief on charitable donations capped has been won... by the charities.

The Chancellor has confirmed that he is now changing this. There are skid marks as another U-turn is performed.

Mr Osborne's view is that the Government needs to focus on the big issues like the deficit and growth.

He says now is time to "not get distracted with unnecessary arguments."

Critics will say he shouldn't have got into that argument in the first place, and it was a bad decision.

The Treasury says it has listened to the concerns and acted.

"Is it a good day to bury bad news?" I asked with Jeremy Hunt at Leveson and talking about texts with the Chancellor.

The Treasury says no day is a quiet day at Leveson. But some will wonder.