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The Diamond Generation: Women in the workforce

The Queen visiting a bottling plant in the early years of her reign Photo:

In the days leading up to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee ITV News has brought you a series of unique stories of Britons who were born in 1952 - the year the Queen was crowned

The country has changed beyond recognition during the Queen's reign and in today's report Correspondent Lewis Vaughn Jones looks at the progress for women in the workforce.

He met architect Anne Thorne who said at the beginning of her working life, when she took her first steps on a building site, she was told: "We don't believe women should be on site but if you're going to be on site then we'll treat you just like a man."

In the early days of the Queen's reign women made up just 30% of the workforce - and when Anne started her career only 5% of architects were women. The most popular jobs for women were typists, clerks and secretaries.

Through the decades this figure has increased dramatically and now women hold 46% of the jobs but Anne doesn't believe the work has finished yet.

She said: "The Queen has been on the throne for 60-years and I think change is happening, it's just a little bit slow and it needs to speed up."