Chocolate maker and Lion keeper: Royal household staff lists goes online

Household staff at Frogmore House near Windsor in 1861 Credit: Royal Collection Trust/PA Wire

Rarely seen Royal household staff lists have been published online for the first time. From Chocolate Maker to the Queen and Keeper of Lions in the Tower, the collection shows some of the more unusual jobs held by Royal staff over the years.

The Royal Household Staff Lists are being made available online for the first time by family history website, in association with the Royal Archives, to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Handwritten records of the Royal household from 1727 Credit: Royal Collection Trust/PA Wire

The rarely seen records were previously only available to view at Windsor Castle by appointment. The collection includes 50,000 staff records from the reign of King Charles II to King George V between 1660 and 1924, covering royal residences across the UK including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and St. James' Palace.

A group of Grooms at the Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace Credit: Royal Collection Trust/PA Wire

A reigning monarch typically had 1,000 staff in the Royal Household. And the staff records also reveal more unusual occupations among the Royal Household staff.They include Chocolate Maker to the Queen; Yeoman of the Mouth to Her Majesty Queen Mary in the Pantry; Necessary Woman to the Corridor and Entrance Hall; and Keeper of the Lions in the Tower.

Other extraordinary titles include Moletaker; Master of the Game of Cock Fighting; Strewer of Herbs and Laundress of the Body Linen.