Queen 'lookalike' stages bizarre pageant reconstruction in Germany

Bob Clarke, aka the Queen. Credit: APTN

Relaxed on the day before the big Jubilee celebrations - the Queen and Prince Philip appeared to be taking high tea at a raft on a lake in Western Germany - but take a closer look and all is not as it seems.

'Lookalike' Bob Clarke decided to be Queen for the day and was taking his royal duties very seriously.

Arriving in an open-topped car with Union Jack insignias everywhere, the Queen lookalike made a royal entrance, stepping onto a red carpet and waving to her devoted subjects.

After being entertained by a harp player, the 'Queen' took to having high tea on a raft at the lake.

Stereotypical English fare like cucumber sandwiches, fruit tart and shortbread were served, along with the traditional tea of course.

As ever the Queen was reluctant to give interviews after the event:

I don't normally do interviews, so please don't tell anybody! Otherwise they'll all be wanting one.

'The Queen' seemed to enjoying the day out and said that they wanted to have a relaxed day out before the big event.

But she (or he) would comment on the speculation on whether Kate the Duchess of Cornwall would soon be expecting her first baby.

Oooooo, nononono. Nonononono, you are not getting anything out of me like that. Philip is the one for private tales, not me. Philip tells all the backroom stories. I stay out of all that. Philip is the one that puts his foot in it, not me.