The Queen's Diamond Jubilee: Your photos

Six-month old Chloe Bates ready for Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Credit: Lisa Littleton

On the final day of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee we have been sent some great pictures of your celebrations, here is a look at some of them.

Pixie and Natalie celebrating the Diamond Jubilee in Northern Ireland.

Harvey the puppy Bulldog gets into the Jubilee spirit in Hawarden, Wales.

Harvey the bulldog. Credit: Abbie Hughes

The Butchers and Whiteleys enjoying a hot tub Jubilee party in West Yorkshire.

Celebrating the Jubilee with a beer. Credit: Vanda Whiteley

A Jubilee party at the Salvation Army in Winsford, Cheshire.

British flags galore at the Salvation Army in Cheshire.

Olivia Morison enjoying the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Twenty-one month old Olivia Morison. Credit: Rob Morison

A decorative Great British cake featuring the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and beefeaters.

A Great British cake. Credit: Gemma O'Donoghue

Lily Grace with her Jubilee crown.

Lily Grace with her shiny crown.

Eight-year-old Saffron Binns from Halifax before going to a Diamond Jubilee party.

Saffron Binns waving her British flags. Credit: Heather Alana Binns

Jennifer Fraser and her daughter made these red, white and blue Jubilee cupcakes.

Tasty looking Jubilee cupcakes. Credit: Jennifer Fraser

Teri Schnitzer, Nicky Grayson & Wendy Gill are all dressed for the occasion.

Teri Schnitzer, Nicky Grayson & Wendy Gill in decorative British dresses. Credit: Wendy Gill

Jackson John Hughes, aged 6 months, won a best hat competition in Skegness.

Jackson John Hughes with his impressive hat.

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