Hundreds of well-wishers lined the streets of Thame, in Oxfordshire today as the funeral procession of Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb made its way from his home to his funeral in St Mary's Church.

The horse drawn carriage displaying his coffin was followed by his two Irish Wolfhounds, Ollie and Missy, and a Scottish Piper led the walking mourners of friends and family.

It had been Robin's wish to "say a final goodbye to fans and his home town of Thame" according to his family. Guests including Sir Tim Rice, DJ Mike Read and Uri Geller, followed the cortege on foot from the gatehouse of his estate.

Robin's sons RJ and Spencer, together with Stevie Gibb, son of Barry Gibb, acted as pallbearers.

Mourners wept as the coffin entered the church to the sound of the Bee Gees' hit How Deep Is Your Love. Close relatives, including Robin's widow, Dwina, and his mother followed behind. One woman was so overcome with grief she had to be physically supported as she walked to her seat.

During the service Dwina read a poem called My Songbird Has Flown, which included the words:

My songbird has flown and my soul sighs - but he will never go away."

The poem was followed by a recording of Don't Cry Alone, one of Robin's last compositions from his Titanic Requiem, which premiered just weeks before he died.

Gibb's elderly mother Barbara left the church just before her last remaining son Barry gave a moving eulogy paying tribute to Robin and his other dead brothers.

Barry's voice broke as he told the congregation:

Life is too short. In Robin's case, absolutely too short.[...] We should have had 20, 30 years of his magnificent mind and his beautiful heart.

This is a very strange experience, having already lost two brothers and now Rob. When you're twins, you're twins all your life. You go through every emotion. And they're finally together. I think the greatest pain for Robin in the past 10 years was losing his twin brother, and I think it did all kinds of things to him. And now they're together