The pain of spending cuts in Greece has reached a critical point.

So much so, that the country's already run-down hospitals are rationing drugs, even for cancer, and cutting back on treatments and operations.

People who once ate well, are scavenging in bins. The suicide rate - once the lowest in Europe is now rising fast.

Children, mothers, the middle-class and the newly poor can no longer afford to buy food and have become reliant on free handouts from feeding centres, quickly established across the country.

Many people cannot bear to go to these feeding centres, as it is too public and too humiliating. Instead, people have begun searching for food in rubbish bins, often at night.

The country's people now rely on charity from both local doctors and dentists, who offer free services as the state no longer provides it.

Greek citizens will vote in the election in a few days, but many people who have lost their homes and their jobs are struggling to survive the country's 'economic war'.