David Cameron rejects Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's Falkland Islands documents at G20 meeting

Argentine President Kirchner shows Prime Minister David Cameron a document at the G20 summit. Photo: Argentinian Presidency

Less than a week after she went to the United Nations calling for discussions on joint sovereignty of the Falklands, Argentina’s President Kirchner has had a less than friendly exchange at the G20 with David Cameron.

She had in her hands dozens of copies of the UN resolutions which call for discussions on Falklands’ sovereignty, and it’s understood she attempted to thrust these into the hands of the Prime Minister.

The envelope which contained a letter outlining the UN resolution on the Falklands. Credit: Argentinian Presidency

Downing Street officials say Mr Cameron had approached President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner during one of the working sessions of the summit.

They say he wanted to ask her to note the decision of the Falkland Islands to hold a referendum on self determination and democracy.

Sources say the President “rambled” on about UN resolutions and one of her officials tried to take photographs of the exchange – even though press and photographers were banned from the meeting.

The Foreign Minister of Argentina has just been briefing journalists about his country’s position on the islands – which Argentina refers to as Las Malvinas.

There was always going to be the opportunity for a frosty exchange between the two leaders – and a frosty exchange it seems there was.