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NatWest guide: What to do if you're affected by the banking problems

A NatWest bank in Spinningfield in Manchester as branches open for extended hour Photo: Martin Rickett/PA Wire

Bank customers faced further chaos today as NatWest extended its trading hours once again to cope with the fallout from a computer failure almost a week ago.

But what should you do if you're affected? NatWest have given the following answers to the most commonly asked questions.

How can I access cash?

  • The bank has arranged for customers to be advanced cash in their branches when they are missing payments and have no available funds.

When will the branches be open?

  • NatWest are extending the opening hours in over 1,000 of their branches on Monday 25th June from 8am to 7pm. Click here to see the list of branches.

Can I still access my accounts online?

  • Customers can access the online service as normal, and all functionality should be available. However, some customers may not be able to view an up to date balance.

Can I make payments to another person or company?

  • There have been delays to payments due to be processed over the last few days and this will impact bill payments to third parties - the bank says they are working on processing these payments as a priority.

Will I be charged?

  • NatWest says they will ensure no customer will be left out of pocket and all fees and charges incurred will be repaid.

Is my money safe?

  • The bank says that this is only a technical issue and can confirm that all money is safe.

When will it be fixed?

  • NatWest have now fixed the initial technical problem and are working through the backlog.

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