Google unveils new tablet computer and digital glasses

Hugo Barra, director of product management of Google, unveils Nexus 7 tablet. Credit: Reuters

Google took the wrapping off its first tablet computer today, looking to replicate its smartphone success in the tablet market.

And if that wasn't enough, the internet giant also unveiled a pair of internet-connected reality glasses during its annual development conference in San Francisco.

The 'Nexus 7' tablet, built by and co-branded with Taiwan's Asus, will begin selling for as low as $199 on the Google Play website and apps store from around mid-July.

Like the Kindle Fire, the Google tablet has a seven-inch screen, measured diagonally - smaller than the iPad's nearly 10-inch display.

During the conference Google co-founder Sergey Brin also showcased the firm's Glass project - reality glasses that overlay digital information onto the user's view of the real world and record their view too.

Travel information, directions and weather information is beemed onto the glasses for the user to see, as well as run of the mill smartphone functions that can be operated with the tip of the user's head.

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, wears a Google Glass. Credit: REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Using a tiny screen on the glasses, which would sit just above the eye, users will be able to use their phones without lifting a finger. The product is currently under development.

Audiences at the Google conference were shown a live feed of Google employees taking part in a sky dive over San Francisco, while wearing the glasses.

The employee's glasses beemed live images from the dive back to the conference, so the audience was able to see what the sky-diver was seeing.

Mr Brin added that an "explorer edition" of the glasses was being made available for pre-order to US-based developers attending the conference. He said it would cost $1,500 and was set to ship early next year.