Dying teenager says 'you can't win them all'

16-year-old David Langton-Gilks who is dying from a brain tumour Credit: ITV News

A schoolboy dying from a brain tumour has stunned his family with his bravery after responding to his terminal condition by saying: 'You cant win them all.'

David Langton-Gilks, who is just 16, said he has accepted he is 'stuffed' following a five year battle against the disease.

Up until five weeks ago David thought he had beaten the Medulloblastoma tumour but relapsed an hour after posting a video on YouTube telling the world he was recovering.

David Langton-Gilks has decided he wants no more treatment after being told his brain tumour is terminal.

His mum has launched a campaign to raise awareness to highlight the importance of detecting brain tumours in children at an early stage.

Mary Nightingale reports: