Could Bob Diamond go in the wake of the market rigging scandal?

Laura Kuenssberg

Former Business Editor

Barclays CEO Bob Diamond. Credit: Press Association

There is now serious chatter in the City about the real possibility of Bob Diamond having to resign from Barclays, over the scandal where traders at the bank rigged the markets.

The situation is moving very fast, but one well placed source has just said to me: "the only way to stem this is with people".

And one shareholder group has told ITV News he should step aside. Investors tell me there are "very active conversations" between them and the bank this afternoon.

Another possible, maybe more likely option, is that the bank's chair, Marcus Agius, may step aside. It is probably foolish to predict what will happen as things are very fluid. But it is clear that so far, many shareholders as well as politicians believe the actions the bank has taken is just not enough.