Th Olympic Torch made a dramatic landing in Leicester today in the arms of Jet Pack Man.

American stuntman Nick Macomber carried the Torch in a special hands-free carrier while using his free hands to control the jet pack on his back.

After touching down safely outside the National Space Centre in Leicester, he handed the torch over to the day's first torchbearer to continue on its 70-day tour around the UK.

Mr Macomber, who came from the US specially to take part in the torch relay, said he was thrilled to have been offered the opportunity.

I am so proud to carry the flame and am grateful to the University [of Leicester] for giving me the chance of a lifetime.

Jet Pack Man lands safely Credit: Yui Mok/LOCOG/PA Wire

The jet pack consists of tanks of hydrogen peroxide which shoots steam out of a nozel with enough force to provide lift.

Jet Pack Man can fly for about 23 seconds at a time - enough to travel about a quarter of a mile into the air. The maximum speed is 80mph.

'Jet Pack Man' Nick Macomber Credit: ITV News

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