Syria's war is swallowing its young

Bill Neely

Former International Editor

Child soldiers fight against Syrian regime troops Credit: Ali Hashisho / Reuters

One in ten of those losing their lives in the fighting in Syria are children - according to the accounts of activists. They say more than two thousand people were killed by President Assad's forces in June.

More than two hundred were children. The fighting seems unstoppable and largely unobserved by United Nations monitors. And the elderly have now joined the young in the fighting against Syrian regime troops.

Human Rights Watch released a report today documenting torture and abuse committed by the Syrian intelligence services. They name 27 locations where they allege the abuse took place.

The 81-page report, includes maps locating the detention facilities, video accounts from former detainees, and sketches of torture techniques described by numerous people who witnessed or experienced torture in these facilities. Many of who include women, the elderly and children.