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Tulisa's ex-boyfriend 'messed with the wrong woman'

Tulisa was in court today to accept her ex-boyfriend's apology. Photo: Press Association

Tulisa Contostavlos today said ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards had "messed with the wrong woman" after she won an apology from him over a sex tape which appeared on the internet.

The 23-year-old singer and TV talent judge was at London's High Court to accept the "sincere apologies" from rap artist Edward, who initially denied all responsibility for the leak.

Justin Edwards initially denied responsibility for leaking the tape Credit: Press Association

The court heard how distressed the singer was about the "most severe" invasion of her privacy, and how she was particularly upset by allegations she agreed for the tape to be released. Her solicitor, Mr Jonathan Coad, told Mr Justice Tugendhat:

She suffered and continues to suffer very serious distress at this wholly unjustified and unlawful interference with her rights.

She has been particularly distressed by the wholly untrue allegation made by some that she was in some way complicit with the release of the footage. She was not, as this statement makes clear.

Edwards was not present in court, but accepted all that was said on behalf of Tulisa. He has also agreed not to speak to the public about the relationship. Outside court she told reporters she was relieved the experience was finally over. She said:

Justin Edwards's actions were to spite me, make money and ruin my career. He has succeeded in none of these things. I stand here today a stronger, wiser young woman who has taken this experience and learnt from it.

She said she was disgusted by her ex-boyfriend's actions and particularly saddened by the people that thought she agreed for the tape to be released.