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The London 2012 Olympic Games in numbers

The London 2012 Olympic Games in numbers Photo: PA

London was awarded the Olympic Games for 2012 in 2005, in those 7 years and and 21 days LOCOG have been busy getting the site and equipment ready.

But how many life jackets or boxing gloves do Olympians need? And how many medals will be given out? And of course how much will it all cost?

Before the Games:

  • £2.4 billion: the original estimate for the cost of the Games (excluding VAT and security costs)
  • £9.3 billion: the current Olympic budget (including a £2 billion contingency)
  • 3: times London has hosted the Olympics - 2012 is the third time London has hosted the Olympics (previous occasions being 1908 & 1948) - more times than any other city
  • 8.8 million: tickets sold
  • 10,500: the number of athletes expected to take part
  • 203: countries will take part
A Roman coin was removed from the Olympic site in Stratford, along with four skeletons and 2,000 newts Credit: John Stillwell/PA wire
  • 2,000: newts relocated from the Olympic Park to the Waterworks nature reserve
  • 1: Roman coin from the period of Emperor Constantine II (AD 330-335) was found on the Olympic Park site
  • 300,000: plants in the Olympic Park Wetlands area
  • 8,000: Torchbearers carry the Olympic Flame 8,000 miles around the UK
  • 46,000: workers built the Olympic Park
  • 4: skeletons removed from the Olympic Park site
  • 200+: buildings demolished to clear the main Olympic site
  • 300,000: nails used to fix the Velodrome track
The track in the Velodrome was fixed in place using 300,000 nails Credit: Rebecca Naden/PA Wire

During the Games:

  • 2,100+: Number of Olympic medals that will be handed out
  • 302: the number of Olympic medal events
  • 510: adjustable hurdles for Athletics
  • 541: life jackets
  • 375 doctors, 150 nurses, 200,000 pairs of gloves and 150,000 condoms
  • 200 horses producing an estimated 200 tons of manure
Zara Phillips horse Toytown will be just one of 200 horses at the Olympic Games Credit: David Parry/PA Wire
  • 4 billion: people expected to watch the Opening Ceremony
  • 26,000: members of the world’s media will base themselves in the capital to cover the Games, making London 2012 the biggest media event in history
  • 26 Olympic sports and 39 disciplines
  • 46: the number of Olympic venues
  • 16 metres squared: the amount of floor space Olympians will have
Brit Goodwin during a handball test event - handball is one of the lesser known of the 26 Olympic sports Credit: PA

After the Games:

  • 2,818: number of new homes that will be created after the Olympic Village closes
  • 1,800: students of all ages will attend the education campus on the Olympic Village site


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