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Coe: Tickets prices could be slashed to fill stadiums

The price of expensive London 2012 Olympics tickets could be dropped in a bid to help them sell out. Photo: PA/LOCOG

London 2012 Chairman Seb Coe told ITV News Sports Editor Steve Scott he would consider reducing the price of the remaining expensive Olympics tickets in a bid to help them sell out.

He said: "We'll look at all those sorts of things, we've got any number of options" but added he did not think organisers would actually have many tickets left.

With the official opening of the London 2012 Games looming Coe said: "We have got a few more tickets to sell, not that many. The nice thing about it is in the last two months we have sold two million tickets and nobody has noticed."

Hundreds of empty seats can be seen at the Millennium Stadium during the Womens Football match at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff. Credit: PA Wire

Organisers had expected turnout to top 40,000 at the football event in Cardiff yesterday but in reality only 30,874 people watched the women's football clash between Great Britain and New Zealand.

The Millennium Stadium has space for more than double the number of spectators which attended the event, with capacity for 73,000 people.

A LOCOG spokesperson said: "Today’s attendances for theopening matches of the Olympic Football Tournament were unprecedented for women’s football in the UK in recent years."


There are also still high priced tickets available to buy for tomorrow night's Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium.

The most expensive seats, costing either £2,012 or £1,600, are still on sale on the London 2012 website with just over 24-hours to go until Danny Boyle's spectacular officially kicks of the Games.