Two charged with the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood

Angus Walker

Former ITV News Correspondent

Neil Heywood Credit: Reuters

The wife of the disgraced Party Chief Bo Xilai: Gu Kailai and a family employee, Zhang Xiaojun, have now both been charged with the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood according to the Chinese state news agency. Both face possible death sentences.

Earlier this year she was accused of Mr Heywood's murder, the authorities announced they had 'strong evidence' linking Gu Kailai to the death of the business consultant in a hotel in the Chinese city of Chongqing last November, a city where her husband was the Party Boss.

No word on the fate of the former Chongqing police chief Wang Lijun who blew the whistle on the suspected murder. He tried to claim asylum at the US Consulate in Chengdu, southwest China in February. It was after he gave US diplomats inside information that an investigation into Mr Heywood's death was requested by the UK Embassy. Previously the Heywood family had believed he had died of 'excess alcohol consumption'; the reason stated in the original police report. It's thought Wang could face treason charges.

Also no news on Bo Xilai himself, Gu Kailai's husband and the ex Party Boss of Chongqing, once destined for the top table of Chinese politics, he is now being investigated for corruption and may never be seen in public again.