Mixed reaction in China to London's 'stingy' opening ceremony

Angus Walker

Former ITV News Correspondent

Fireworks during the Olympics Opening Ceremony at the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing in 2008. Credit: PA

There were mixed reactions to London's opening ceremony on Chinese social media sites.

For example:


However, a common theme of the reaction on Chinese social media sites is praise for choosing the seven young athletes to light the flame.

Many Chinese think the decision to give the honour to up and coming unknowns represents an "ordinary people's Olympics."

One post reads:

Wang Ning, Beijing Olympics director of the opening and closing ceremonies, says he gives "90 points out of 100" to the London Olympics opening ceremony.

"It was very creative and they did very well; but it was more like a movie, which benefits TV viewers but is hard for people at the ceremony to understand," he went on.

"It lacked momentum and artistic methods. It was too modern and lacked globally recognized symbols so it was hard for everyone to understand.

"Besides, the management on the ground needed to be improved because the connection between different sections was too tight."