Sir Jimmy Savile's gold suits, Cuban cigars and beloved Rolls-Royce will go on sale today as the late DJ's belongings go up for auction.

The sale of thousands of items of memorabilia owned by the broadcaster and Top of the Pops host, who died just before his 85th birthday last year, was expected to raise up to £300,000 for his charitable trust.

His trademark tracksuits and jewellery, including a £12,000 gold and diamond encrusted Rolex watch, gold identity bracelet and rings, will all go under the hammer along with the first ever chair from his Jim'll Fix It TV show.

A tireless charity worker, Sir Jimmy is thought to have raised more than £40 million for good causes in his lifetime.

Jimmy Savile jewellery up for auction. Credit: Gregg Easteal / Twitter
Jimmy Savile's bubble car. Credit: Gregg Easteal / Twitter

His family welcomed the charity drive, but were sad to see some of his beloved possessions sold.

Ahead of the auction at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, Sir Jimmy’s niece Amanda Mckenna told the Yorkshire Post:

It’s inevitable and I’ve had eight months to get used to it since he passed away and I think it’s great that it’s all going to charity. I think it’s a shame his awards are being sold - it would have been nice to have kept those - but as long as the money goes to charity and it’s spent well, which I’m sure it will be, then that’s great.

The famous Jim'll Fix It chair. Credit: Gregg Easteal / Twitter
The inimitable Jimmy Savile. Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire