Gary Lineker accepts apology of tweeter who taunted son's leukaemia

George Lineker, left, seen with his father Gary, right, at Stamford Bridge in March 2012. Credit: Adam Davy/EMPICS Sport

Gary Lineker said he has accepted the apology of a Twitter user who taunted his son over his childhood leukaemia.

The BBC Sport presenter said the comments made him feel "physically sick".

George Lineker, 20, re-tweeted the comments to his nearly 30,000 followers.

In another tweet, the user referred to Gary Lineker as "washed up" and called George "leukaemia boy".

A third tweet called George "cancer boy".

George Lineker was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in 1992.

The Daily Mirror said it has identified the Twitter user, who has deleted his @MrMarkDRUMS711 account, as 21-year-old Mark Sinnott.

Today Gary Lineker said he hoped Mr Sinnott would "learn from his idiocy" and said he would take no further action.

Speaking to the Mirror, Mr Sinnott said he sent the offensive comments because he was "bored" and that he regretted his actions: