1. ITV Report

Whole building tips in to river after floods in India

Severe flooding has caused extensive damage after a extreme rain swept over India's northern Uttarakhand state.

Video shows an entire building breaking away from the road in the Uttarkashi district, as shocked locals could do nothing but watch.

Apart from the cracks around its foundations the building appears intact as the whole structure tips over on its side before sliding in to the river below.

At least 2,000 people were adversely affected by flash flooding, triggered by a cloudburst near Uttarkashi town on Friday. A cloudburst is brief period of extremely heavy rain, sometimes with hail and thunder. Local media is reporting a number of deaths in the area, with more people reported missing. Flood waters ravaged the Bhagirathi River, causing extensive erosion and mass damage to properties along the river banks. More than 150 houses and two bridges were washed away by the torrent of water. The local government says it has been taking steps to evacuate the area.