Hollywood actor Bob Hoskins retires from acting after Parkinson's disease diagnosis

Bob Hoskins. Credit: PA

Film star Bob Hoskins has announced his retirement from acting after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

The 69-year-old - whose career spans four decades - has featured in films such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The Long Good Friday.

In a statement issued on his behalf, Hoskins said he was retiring after a "wonderful career" and would be spending time with his family.

Bob Hoskins wishes to announce that he will be retiring from acting, following his diagnosis of Parkinson's disease last autumn. He wishes to thank all the great and brilliant people he has worked with over the years, and all of his fans who have supported him during a wonderful career. Bob is now looking forward to his retirement with his family, and would greatly appreciate that his privacy be respected at this time.

Hoskins's parts over the years have ranged from gangster films to comedy roles and he was seen earlier this year playing one of the seven dwarves in Snow White & The Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart.

The actor is one of around 120,000 Britons with the disease, which is caused by a loss of brain cells that produce a chemical messenger called dopamine.

Symptoms differ from case to case but often include a tremor or fine shake while the person is at rest, rigidity of muscles, slowness of movement and unsteady balance.

There is no cure and scientists have been unable to work out why people get the condition.