How do we crack down on cosmetic surgery cowboys?

A major review of cosmetic surgery is being launched. About time, say many surgeons. Photo: REUTERS/Bernadett Szabo

In the dark and grubby recesses of the abandoned PIP breast implant factory, I saw the worst of the cosmetic surgery industry.

The French firm had spent years selling substandard implants, tens of thousands of women in the UK found themselves victims of an appalling failure of regulation and care. I had flown to France to film the production plant for ITV News.

In the following months I met dozens of the implant patients left feeling damaged and desperate. There is now to be a new official review of cosmetic practices so what does it need to do?

  • A proper register of those who have had cosmetic procedures is needed, it took months to trace all the victims of the PIP scandal
  • The training and qualifications of cosmetic surgeons and other practitioners has to be tightened up. At the moment some dermal fillers and cosmetic injections are being done by people with the most basic experience and knowledge in "salon" style outlets.
  • We have to make sure the industry cleans up it's own mistakes. The hard pressed NHS had to bail out many of the victims of the PIP scandal. I'm told the new review will consider an ABTA style bond scheme ( used by the travel industry), which would provide a pool of cash to help in the event of a further scandal.

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