Prince Philip responding well to treatment in Scotland

The Duke of Edinburgh at Balmoral

The Duke of Edinburgh has spent a third night in Aberdeen's Royal Infirmary.

The 91-year-old is said to be responding well to the treatment he is receiving for the recurrence of a bladder infection. In June, during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, he spent five nights in a London hospital bring treated for the same complaint.

Doctors in Aberdeen yesterday advised the Duke to get rest and not accept any visitors.

However, this morning Prince Edward and his wife Sophie left the Royal Balmoral Estate heading in the direction of Aberdeen so the gathered media at the hospital are on standby for a possible Royal family visit.

Prince Edward, Sophie and their children are staying at Balmoral Castle with the Queen while Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are also staying in their private residence on the 49,000-acre estate.

The Queen traditionally spends three months of the summer in Scotland. This year, she arrived at her Balmoral home for some rest and relaxation after a hectic few months of engagements to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee and then the Olympics.

She was seen leaving the estate yesterday, driving herself in a 4x4, before arriving back a few hours later. She is being kept constantly updated by the hospital in Aberdeen.

The Queen, Prince Phillip and Prince Edward attend a Garden Party at Balmoral Castle Credit: David Cheskin/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Just last week, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh hosted a garden party at Balmoral to celebrate the Jubilee.

Three thousand guests gathered for the occasion and both the Queen and Duke were said to be in a relaxed mood. Prince Philip, wearing a kilt and traditional tweed jacket, appeared fit and well as he chatted to guests.

He had just returned to Balmoral from a brief visit to the Isle of Wight on Wednesday morning when he was taken ill.

The Ministry of Defence was initially called in to airlift him to hospital, but due to adverse weather conditions they were unable to land in the estate.

An ambulance was then called to drive the unwell Duke of Edinburgh the 50 miles by road to hospital in Aberdeen.

It is anticipated that he will remain in hospital for at least a further two nights.