Profile: ParalympicsGB Wheelchair Rugby captain

Steve Brown, captain of the ParalympicsGB wheelchair rugby team. Credit: PA Wire

It's not hard to see why Steve Brown was made captain of the Wheelchair Rugby team. On court he is constantly shouting, directing and encouraging his team.

During the breaks and downtime, he is still talking about tactics and ways to approve.

He speaks simply and honestly with passion and enthusiasm. He is completely committed to what he's doing. But at the same time he smiles and laughs easily and often.

He is a crucial part of this team's success.

GB will not be favourites when they compete in the Paralympic Games. They finished fourth in Beijing and the big teams like Australia and USA are still on top form.

Still, a medal is possible. If it were to happen, it would end a remarkable seven years for Steve.

He broke his neck in 2005.

He had always been sporty but didn't think that would be possible again. It didn't take long for his attitude to change completely.

"Everyone has problems in their life" he tells me, "it's just mine were a bit more visible".

After watching a game of Wheelchair Rugby, he got fit, signed up, got a team, got selected for his country and was then given the captaincy.

He says: "That's a humbling position to be in, the people that inspired me and the people that I was looking up to and the people that I was looking at as role models, I'm now captain of that team."

"And now you get to tell them what to do!" I say. Steve laughs and with a huge smile says: "Yeah that's right, and as long as they're happy with that, I'm happy."