Sir Elton John's concern over son's gay taunts at school

Elton John performs a special concert for Absolute Radio Credit: Press Association

Sir Elton John says he's worried about the difficult childhood facing his son as he battles against homophobia and the impact of his father's fame.

The singer says he is preparing himself for what would be a rough time growing up for his son Zachary, who is now 19 months old.

Speaking to the Radio Times he said the toddler was still unaware of his father's celebrity status.

Sir Elton John said he wanted to prepare his son for the comments he would face at school as other children point out he has two dads.

Sir Elton John and partner David Furnish Credit: Press Association

Sir Elton said that he introduced Zachary to Chopin, Mozart and Beethoven - as well as Nellie The Elephant - at a very young age, but that his son was more interested in football and cooking.