British media heed Palace plea not to publish Harry naked pictures

British newspapers have not published naked pictures of Prince Harry. Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

British newspapers have not published naked pictures of Prince Harry in Las Vegas after a plea from the Palace.

An appeal was made to the UK's media to respect the royal's privacy and not publish the photographs as they were taken during a private moment while Harry was on holiday.

The Sun decided to recreate one of the pictures by getting their journalist Harry Miller to pose in a similar manner to the prince.

However, Irish newspaper the Evening Herald did publish one of the photographs on their front page.

The Evening Herald have published a naked picture of Prince Harry on their front page. Credit: ITV News

Clarence House had earlier confirmed the authenticity of the pictures which show a naked Prince Harry cavorting with a woman during a party in a hotel room in Las Vegas.

The woman, whose body is mainly hidden by that of a red-headed man, is also nude.

A Royal source told ITV News:

The two pictures were published by US celebrity website TMZ and seem to have been taken on a mobile phone, which would explain their blurry, grainy appearance.

In one picture, a nude Prince Harry is seen covering his genitals with his hands while a topless female hides behind him.

In a second image, Harry is hugging a nude woman from behind.

The casinos and luxury hotels of the Strip in Las Vegas are a popular destination for revellers.

TMZ says these photographs are of the Prince during a "a game of strip his VIP suite" at a Las Vegas hotel on Friday night.

The pictures emerged shortly after the New York Daily News published video which claimed to show Prince Harry in a pool in Las Vegas racing US gold medal-winning swimmer Ryan Lochte.