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Prince Harry nude photos spark media debate

The decision by the British press not to publish naked pictures of Prince Harry has sparked a media debate about the way the story was handled.

Each newspaper has had to tell the story without actually directly showing the images.

Here's how they've treated the story of the naked prince.

The Sun has recreated the naked picture of Prince Harry in Las Vegas on their front page. Harry Miller, a journalist at the paper, copied the prince's pose.

Thursday's edition of The Sun Credit: The Sun

The Mirror has opted to show a topless picture of Prince Harry while, it says, he was eyeing up other girls in Las Vegas.

Thursday's edition of the Daily Mirror Credit: Daily Mirror

The Mail also goes for the picture of a half-clothed Harry standing near a swimming pool and pointing out how he's in 'hot water'. It claims the Queen and senior members of the Royal Family were shocked by publication of the pictures seen online around the world.

Thursday's edition of the Daily Mail Credit: Daily Mail

The Daily Telegraph is one of the few newspapers that shows a fully clothed version of the prince, complete with hat. It focuses on how the Royal Family moved to prevent the publication of photographs which showed Harry wearing a lot less.

Thursday's edition of the Daily Telegraph Credit: Daily Telegraph

The photos of Prince Harry have sparked a media debate about 'neutered newspapers'. Former News of the World executive editor, Neil Wallis said:

The situation is fun, it's a good, classic newspaper situation, the problem is in this post-Leveson era where newspapers are simply terrified of their own shadow, they daren't do things that most of the country, if they saw it in the newspaper, would think 'that's a bit of a laugh'. There would be no harm done and they would not think any worse of either the paper or of Prince Harry.

– Neil Wallis, speaking on Newsnight, BBC2

However, broadcaster and alleged victim of phone hacking Vanessa Feltz responded by saying:

If there is some kind of moral awakening then it's about damn time because there are too many people whose lives have been played fast and loose with for nothing more than a bit of titillation over your Frosties.

However, the Irish newspaper the Evening Herald, didn't hold back. It published the naked picture on its front page after the appeal was made to the British media to respect the royal's privacy.

The Evening Herald Credit: Evening Herald

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