Australian TV personality in hospital after abuse by Twitter trolls

Australian TV presenter Charlotte Dawson campaigns against cyber bullying. Credit: @MsCharlotteD/Twitter

An Australian TV presenter has been admitted to hospital after she was repeatedly abused on Twitter.

Charlotte Dawson, who campaigns against cyber bullying, was targeted after naming and shaming a user who had told her to hang herself, the Telegraph in Australia reported.

The 46-year-old was subjected to hours of harassment including comments telling her "go kill yourself," "put your face into a toaster," "no one loves you, "you are a racist," "please do the planet a favour and go hang yourself," and "it's a very good thing that you cannot breed".

Ms Dawson had earlier that night told an Australian radio talk show host about how she became the centre of a vicious online hate campaign:

If you publish on a public forum and you become identifiable then you become liable for those comments. When it comes to suicide and taunting people, and encouraging people to commit suicide. I find that's crossing a line and that's why I took the action that I took. I want the trolls to know that you can't hide.

The last messages posted by Dawson on her Twitter account read:

She was reportedly admitted to St Vincent's Hopital in Sydney after the ambulance service responded to a call to help a woman in the early hours.

A spokesperson for the hospital told the Telegraph that the Australia's Next Top Model judge was expected to make a full recovery but she had asked that her privacy be respected.