The future of air-travel? New Airbus 'concept plane'

The Airbus concept plane Credit: Airbus

A new video showing what Airbus believe is the future of air travel has been released.

Showing the plane being towed to the end of a new style of runway before rising almost straight in to the air to join other passenger planes in a tight formation.

The 'concept plane' also shows the engines moved from under the wings, where they are currently, to under the body of the plane - with a streamlined look and fewer windows.

Shown taking off from an airport island surrounded by off-shore wind farms, there are also hints of what airports might look like in the future.

The Airbus concept plane Credit: Airbus

However, predicting the future of air-travel has been a challenge for over a hundred years with many 'concept planes' never making it off the ground.

The Wright brothers plane was the first to be credited with making a sustained flight in 1903.

The first aeroplane that ever made a sustained flight - a biplane built by the brothers Wright Credit: PA