Will the Paralympic Games change opinions on disabled people?

Great Britain's David Weir celebrates his victory in the men's 1500m T54 at the Olympic stadium, London. Credit: John Walton/PA Wire

For the 11 days of the Paralympics, disabled athletes are centre stage - impressing and inspiring people up and down the country.

David Cameron said he hopes the Games will change people's views on disability.

But an exclusive ITV News/ComRes poll has found that while it may change attitudes - a worrying number of people believe discrimination will still continue.

Nina Nannar reports:

ITV News/ComRes poll results:

  • 85% think Paralympians are great role models.

  • More than four out of five (82%) say the Paralympic Games will help to make disabled people more visible in the media.

  • Two thirds (65%) say the Games will reduce negative stereotypes about disabled people.

  • 56% think discrimination against disabled people will reduce because of the Paralympic Games.

  • 46% say Paralympic athletes are more inspirational than Olympic athletes but 34% disagree.