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Closing Ceremony tribute to injured service personnel

Lance Corporal Rory Mackenzie gives a speech during the Closing Ceremony Photo: David Davies/PA Wire

The Paralympic Closing Ceremony paid tribute to those injured while serving their country as wounded military personnel took key roles in the proceedings.

It was an even more special night for 2016 hopeful Captain Luke Sinnott, who celebrated his birthday tonight as he was watched by millions around the world unfurl the British flag.

Captain Luke Sinnott climbs a flag pole during the Closing Ceremony Credit: David Davies/PA Wire

A team from Help for Heroes pulled the 'human endeavour machine' which carried singer Lissa Herman, who is blind and has autism.

The group then raised a flagpole before Capt Sinnott climbed to the top and hang the Union Flag.

Capt Sinnott was serving in Afghanistan in 2010 when he lost both his legs above the knee when he was caught up in an explosion.

It was only eight months after he received his injuries that he was sailing again and is now working towards competing in Rio 2016.

Lissa Hermans sings the national anthem at the London 2012 Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony Credit: PA

The Earl of Wessex and IPC President Sir Phillip Craven were chauffeured in to the Olympic Stadium by Captain Tony Harris who lost a leg when he was injured in Afghanistan in 2009.

The Earl of Wessex (left) and Sir Philip Craven driven by Capt Tony Harris Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Serviceman Rory MacKenzie gave a poetic speech about the Festival of Flame, the theme of the Closing Ceremony, he said:

We have all been touched by the triumphs and drama of the Paralympics. Witness to the indomitable human spirit of the athletes.

Lance Corporal Mackenzie lost his leg after a roadside bomb in Iraq in a blast which also claimed the life of the youngest British soldier serving in Iraq at the time.

Lance Corporal Rory Mackenzie gives a speech during the Closing Ceremony Credit: David Davies/PA Wire

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