4G future is a tiny village in the Lakes

Chris Choi tests the reception of the new generation of mobile broadband. Credit: ITV News/Chris Choi

While all the hype of the 4G launch happens in London, I'm at the real frontline of UK digital technology. This is Thelkeld in Cumbria where about 50 locals have had the chance to try out the new generation of mobile broadband.

I'm with James Walker who runs an aerial photography business and he loves 4G. "We upload a lot of images to our clients and this is saving us hours with speeds up to 10 times the old 3G," he said.

With efficiencies like this you can see why economists predict 4G could ultimately boost the UK to the tune of £75 billion in 10 years. It could add 0.5% to GDP. Just building the new network could create 125,000 jobs.

There are some concerns. How much will it all cost - and what will the actual coverage be like?

While here in the village they are delighted to be spearheading the next digital revolution, they know it still leaves Britain far behind a string of nations already up and running with 4G.