Protests against anti-Islam film ignite across Muslim world

Protesters in Hyderabad in India Credit: Krishnendu Halder / Reuters

US Embassies across the Muslim world have come under attack and a US school in Tunisia set on fire in deadly protests against the low-budget American film ridiculing the Prophet Mohammed.

At least three people were killed and 28 wounded after protesters attacked the US Embassy in the Tunisian capital of Tunis, Reuters has reported, citing state television.

A large fire was seen burning inside the compound with black smoke clouds rising into the air. An American school, which was closed, was also set alight during protests in the city.

A protester has been killed in gunfire during demonstrations near the US Embassy in Cairo, a security source has told Reuters.

Authorities in the city earlier said more than 200 people had been injured as clashes rage for the fourth day running.

International Correspondent John Irvine reports from Cairo:

Riot police fought with thousands of protesters outside the US Embassy in Cairo as they attempted to quell a violent demonstration that raged all night. Police armed with batons and shields fought against protesters who threw rocks and missiles.

The Muslim brotherhood called for a "million march" after Friday prayers this afternoon, but cancelled the nationwide protest at the last minute.

In Yemen police fired shots at the crowd as thousands stormed the US Embassy. Riot police surrounded the area around the embassy building, which was set alight yesterday.

A platoon of US Marines has joined security teams on the ground in Sanaa to bolster the defence of the embassy, the Pentagon confirmed.

Sudanese state radio has said that three protesters were killed in violent demonstrations at the US Embassy in Khartoum, Reuters has reported.

Sudanese protesters also smashed windows and set light to the German embassy, while raising the Islamist flag in place of a German emblem. The neighbouring British Embassy also suffered some damage, though no staff members were injured.

Protesters celebrated as fires burned at the German Embassy in Khartoum. Credit: RTV

One person was killed and 25 injured in protest in Lebanon.

In Afghanistan, despite YouTube blocking the video, protesters burned the American flag and shouted anti-America slogans, although demonstrations remained generally peaceful, according to the Pentagon.

Afghan protesters set fire to a US flag. Credit: Reuters

The dramatic spread of violence continued with Nigerian troops in the city of Jos firing live rounds into the air in an attempt to disperse Muslim protesters.

More than 100 demonstrators also gathered outside the US Embassy in London for what they said was a peaceful protest against the American-made film.

Protesters held banners and chanted outside the building in Grosvenor Square in central London.

Rallies against the film were also staged in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran and Iraq.

Indonesian Muslims protest outside the embassy in Jakarta. Credit: Beawiharta Beawiharta / Reuters