Tomlinson family fury over 'whitewash' police hearing

PC Simon Harwood Credit: Press Association

The family of Ian Tomlinson has dismissed Met Police disciplinary proceedings against PC Simon Harwood as "a whitewash". They said they would not give up, and would take the case to the civil court.

The 45-year-old hit Mr Tomlinson with a baton and shoved him to the ground at the G20 protests in April 2009.

He was cleared of killing Ian Tomlinson but was found guilty today of gross misconduct by a disciplinary panel. He now faces the sack.

PC Simon Harwood admitted using unnecessary force when he hit the newspaper seller with his baton and shoved him to the ground during the G20 protests near the Royal Exchange Buildings in the City of London in April 2009.

A police panel found that he had breached standards over discreditable conduct, use of force and authority, respect and courtesy, and that this should be counted as gross misconduct.

Ian's family added that there was "no justice" in the fact that Harwood now faces the sack.

Father-of-nine Mr Tomlinson, who was moving away from police lines at the time, managed to walk 75 yards before he collapsed, and later died from internal injuries.