North Korea stages one of the world's biggest gymnastic and dance performances

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un attends the annual Arirang Festival. Credit: KRT/ APTN

North Korean state-run television KRT has released taped footage of North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un attending the Airang Festival in Pyongyang, which celebrates the country's leaders and history.

The Arirang Festival is one of the world's biggest choreographed performances with as many as 10,000 participants.

Seoul's Yonhap News agency said Kim Jong-un, accompanied by his father Kim Jong-il, who has died since then, had attended the annual festival in 2010.

KRT reported that Kim and high-ranking officials attended the event on Sunday, in which the leader had expressed "great satisfaction" over the fact that the festival was "successfully represented".

According to the North's official news agency KCNA, Kim had said the festival had a "fresh style in reflection of the need of the developing era and the desire of the people", despite the country suffering from chronic food shortages.