Let it bean...Beatles portrait made of jelly beans unveiled

A portrait of The Beatles made out of jelly beans Credit: Jelly Belly /PA Wire

A portrait of The Beatles has been made out of jelly beans to mark the opening of a West End show which pays tribute the Fab Four's musical legacy.

Confectionery firm Jelly Belly used thousands of the coloured sweets to create the image adapted from the inside cover of the 1967 album Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The group famously complained about the dangers of jelly beans when they toured the US in the early 1960s after fans bombarded them with sweets during shows.

The 6ft x 4ft picture is the largest ever created by the sweet firm, it weighs 110lb (50kg) and includes more than 15,000 beans.

It will hang in the foyer of the Prince Of Wales Theatre in London while the musical show Let It Be is on.

The production, which has its gala opening night on Monday, features some of the group's biggest hits and is due to run until January.