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Saira Khan and Martin Lewis. Credit: John Rogers, ITV

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Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is a journalist and broadcaster who investigates ways to cut bills. He’s the founder and editor of the UK’s biggest consumer website

He’s been called the “big gob in chief” for vast consumer campaigns including reclaiming bank charges, council tax and payment protection insurance (PPI).

Martin also heads the Independent Taskforce on Student Finance Information. His current passion is lobbying to get financial education onto the national curriculum.

Outside the money world, Martin’s still an unabashed geek. His average Scrabble score is 403 (he records scores on a spreadsheet) and he and his wife, TV presenter Lara Lewington, currently play four or five times a week. They have a baby girl, Sapphire who was born in November 2012.

Martin Lewis. Credit: ITV

Things you may not know about Martin:

  • He’s been named the UK’s most searched man twice (beating Barack Obama and Justin Bieber)

  • He’s a governor of the London School of Economics

  • In his early 20s he spent two years as an amateur stand up comic – but gave up because he wasn’t funny enough

Saira Khan Credit: John Rogers, ITV

Saira Khan shot to fame in the first series of “The Apprentice” and has since taken the UK by storm. She has featured in high profile show's like Celebrity Masterchef, Mastermind and Children in Need.

She presents CBBC’s business show "Trade Your Way to The USA" and was the subject of the feature documentary, “Adopting Abroad, Saira’s Story”.

Saira is MD of her own company “miamoo” - a range of skincare products.

People love to ask Saira about her time on The Apprentice. Her favourite moment was when she was asked about how she felt as the only female left in the competition, she answered, “I am equal to any man out there.”

Saira is married to Steven Hyde and they have two children - Zacariah, 6 and Amara, who was adopted as a baby from Pakistan in 2011.

Saira Khan and Martin Lewis. Credit: John Rogers, ITV

Things you may not know about Saira Khan:

  • She is a qualified aerobics instructor

  • She makes a mean Chicken Curry

  • Saira is an ambassador for the Family and Parenting Institute which ensures that Government policies are family friendly