Nick Clegg has given an interview this morning in which he's again talked about the importance of taxing the wealthy. But there were no specific details on what sort of wealth tax he's likely to get from the Tories. What he has confirmed is that without something he won't agree to any more cuts in the next spending review, due in April 2015.

We've also heard there'll be another crackdown on tax avoidance - this time for anyone with assets worth more than a million pounds.

And a new policy announcement - a so-called 'pension for property' idea. This would enable parents and grandparents to use their pension pots as guarantees to help family members get on the housing ladder.

But against the backdrop of these mini announcements, more bad polls. And more questions about Nick Clegg's leadership.

Altough he's said he's staying put, he does have an uphill struggle.

One poll of party members shows his personal ratings have fallen to below zero for the first time. Activists, it appears, prefer his Business Secretary Vince Cable.

A poll for the Observer put the Lib Dems on just 8 points - 2 behind UKIP.

So Mr Clegg has to prove his credentials to his party here. Most members are more left-wing than him. So expect more on bashing the rich and disassociating themselves from the Tories