Andrew Mitchell tried to use gate again the day after police rant

Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell Photo: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Andrew Mitchell says he was sorry for his outburst. A fit of rage and a rant at police officers which even he admits was unacceptable behaviour.

But there is an interesting twist to this story tonight, which up until now has centred on whether or not the government's chief whip called the police "f****** plebs" after they refused to open the main gate so he could pass through with his bike.

ITV News understands that 12 hours after that demand nearly got him arrested, Mr Mitchell again asked police officers in Downing Street to open the main gate for him and his bike.

The heated row happened on Wednesday night, but again on Thursday morning the same request was made by the chief whip, who has an office in 9 Downing Street.

It inevitably raises questions about how sorry he really was for his outburst before this story became public, in the Friday edition of the The Sun.

Mr Mitchell's office would only say he arrived for work on Thursday on his bike but would not comment on which gate he used to enter Downing Street.