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The worst start to Autumn in 31 years!

A woman sandbags a taxi office in York as the River Ouse continues to rise t Photo: Martin Rickett/PA Wire

As September draws to a close so too does this period of very unsettled weather which has already left its mark making it the worst start to Autumn in 31 years.

Rainfall totals are now topping over 100mm in the North of England - double the amount normally expected for September, offering the media yet another weather headline and there have been quite a few this year!

So what's led to this current period of very wet weather?

A deep area of low pressure moved over the UK during the latter part of Saturday gone, and whilst we associate strong wind and rain with low pressure, its simply the length of time that the low has been sat across the British Isles that's resulted in more flooding and disruption over the last few days.

A deep area of low pressure moved over the UK on Saturday Credit: ITV Weather

The good news is the deep depression is on the move and should leave UK shores by lunchtime tomorrow giving France a little taster of what we've just had.

So generally the weather will ease, but more rain is expected over the next 2 days, although it won't be as heavy and persistent.

The damage has already been done with the worst hit areas in Northern England, and it could get worse before it gets completely better and here's why...the hills are holding some of the rainwater at the moment but this water will find its way downhill and into the rivers contributing to more localised flooding.

Flood water has washed away the surrounding foundations of a block of flats in Newburn, Newcastle.

The Environment Agency currently has 56 Flood Warnings in place and 105 Flood Alerts!

The Met Office also have Yellow Warnings for heavy showers in southern and eastern parts of the Britain today which again could see more problems with flooding and surface spray on the roads.

Whilst the situation is showing signs of improvement the advice is to keep one eye firmly on the weather!