Maniki ban 'cuts anti-social behaviour'

A man in a mankini. Credit: Press Association.

Police in Newquay say a decision to ban mankinis and other "inappropriate clothing" from their town has significantly reduced anti-social behaviour and recorded crime.

Officers at the popular Cornish resort say it's zero-tolerance approach to risque fancy dress is helping to shed the town's eputation as a haven for drunken revellers and stag parties.

Devon and Cornwall Police Superintendent Julie Whitmarsh said the town had come a long way in the last three years, and the real difference in her mind is the "no-nonsense attitude" to fancy dress on the streets. She explained:

Superintendent Whitmarsh said the crackdown has made the town much more pleasant for holiday-makers and locals alike. She said the mankini ban is part of a wider culture change to prevent the town becoming the Las Vegas of the UK, where young people go to binge drink and behave inappropriately.

Reported crime across Newquay during the summer season fell by one-fifth this year compared with 2009, while reports of anti-social behaviour dropped from 685 in the summer of 2009 to 286 this season.