1 million volts: Magician David Blaine prepares for his most electrifying stunt yet

David Blaine previews his latest stunt 'Electrified' Credit: Reuters

He has been buried alive, frozen, drowned alive, and now daredevil magician David Blaine is preparing his most electrifying stunt to date.

Tomorrow, the 39-year-old - who famously spend 44 days suspended in a glass box over London's River Thames - will begin a 72-hour challenge called Electrified.

Wearing a custom made metal suit and wire helmet, Blaine will spend three days and nights being zapped with one million volts of electricity.

During a press conference, gave a preview of the stunt.

Describing the sensation, he said: "It's like a static, it's like a buzz, it's like a static electricity almost, like when something runs over your arm and your hair goes up."

Aside from the obvious risks that come along with being electrocuted, the native New Yorker said the biggest risks are the unknown.

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