Afghanistan teen an Oscars hopeful

Buzkashi Boys is the story of two Kabul teens and their hopes to escape poverty through the ancient Afghan sport Buzkashi. Credit:

It’s a story that could come from a film – and indeed it’s the result of a film.

A film that may take a teenager who has never left the streets of Kabul straight to Oscar success.

Fawed Mohammadi is 14. Since the age of seven he’s sold maps and chewing gum on the streets of Kabul. I met him on a perishing cold Kabul morning. He has amazing eyes, a vitality and enthusiasm for life you may expect to have been worn down having borne witness to the relentless struggle of life in Afghanistan.

But this teenager wants more of life and is getting it through the film Buzkashi Boys – an Independent Short filmed on location in Afghanistan. It’s about chasing your dreams and it is the dream of foreign and Afghan film-makers.

Buzkashi Boys is based around Afgahnistan’s ferocious style of Polo – where riders play for possession of a dead goat rather than a ball.

Amidst the danger and the drama, two little boys dream of escaping poverty by becoming Buzkashi players.

One is Fawed – he and his young co-star want more from life and seek to find it. Theirs is a tale of hope and determination in a country ravaged by war.

Despite ever present security issues and a tiny budget, Buzkashi boys has won five international awards and may now get an Oscar nomination.

The hope is that through showing another part to life than the destruction of war, people may think about Afghanistan and its people slightly differently.

Fawed is going to school and hopes to go to university. After that he wants to be a pilot.

In a country where dreams are so often destroyed maybe one boy's dreams will be realised.