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Inventor shows off 'world's fastest pram'

A British inventor is hoping to smash the world record for the fastest pram in a bid to "rock the world of child care".

Colin Furze will aim to break the current world record of 30mph on October 14 at Shakespeare Country Raceway, near Stratford-upon-Avon.

He hopes the "mega-pram", which has four gears and 10 horse power, can hit around 50mph when he attempts to break the record.

So I'm going to be a dad, not the mad crazy inventor thing to do really but it happens to most of us so this is my idea of how to Furze up a rather tame women orientated market.

It's not the first crazy stunt by the inventor either - he also claims to have created mobility scooters that can break the national speed limit, a motorbike longer than two buses and a moped that has a 15 foot flame-thrower.