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Sir Jimmy Savile: 'The Godfather of Broadmoor'

A picture is emerging of the way Sir Jimmy Savile used institutions such as Stoke Mandeville, Leeds General Infirmary and Broadmoor Hospital as a means to getting access to vulnerable young people.

Jimmy Savile being interview by ITV In 1988 Credit: ITV Meridian

A documentary shows how powerful he was at the time. He was effectively appointed as the head of Broadmoor Hospital for a short time following an industrial dispute.

In an interview with ITV in October 1988, he told anyone who didn't like working there that they should just quit.

Savile reportedly called patients "my people" and referred to himself as the "Godfather".

Before a sex change operation Steven George was a teenage girl known as Alison Pink. He remembers being assaulted by Sir Jimmy Savile at Broadmoor Hospital.

Steven says, at the time, psychiatric hospitals were used to silence him and any claims against Savile would be dismissed.

Broadmoor Hospital says it now has a completely different culture, and staff are much more deeply monitored and vetted.