The stakes are exceptionally high for the Paul Ryan v Joe Biden debate

Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan and Vice-President Joe Biden Photo: Reuters

In a few minutes Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan will take to the stage for the Vice Presidential debate.

The stakes are exceptionally high with the national and battleground state polls virtually tied.

What to watch out for:

  • It is a generational spectacle: Joe Biden's son is older that Paul Ryan.
  • Joe Biden has a long history of gaffes but also is combative and at times a very good speaker who can touch America's working class.
  • Paul Ryan is a policy wonk but he is also vulnerable on his controversial budget plans.
  • What degree will Biden go on the attack? Might he now over-react to his boss's dismal performance in Denver?

Normally VP debates don't matter much. That's not the feeling tonight. Fasten your seat belts.