Romney's 'binders full of women' gaffe goes viral

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During last night's presidential debate Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney used an odd phrase to describe his experience of appointing women into positions of power.

Both candidates were asked what they intended to do to rectify the earning gap that persists between men and women. Romney told an anecdote about his time as governor of state:

In a battle were both candidates were attempting to appeal to the important female vote, the phrase became in instant online hit, trending online on twitter across America and globally.

Until now, polls suggested women voters were shifting support to Mitt Romney.

Last week's Reuters/Ipsos poll showed 59 per cent of women backed Romney for president, while 30.4 per cent picked Obama.

But last night the incumbent President appeared to have struck a chord with women on equal pay, contraception and abortion rights.

Obama's appeal to a key vote came just before the now infamous "binders full of women" gaffe.

By the time the debate was over a meme had already been created gently mocking the phrase.

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